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The club has records of its existence starting in 1907, since then it has changed location and survived over a hundred winters. The Club consists of a large outdoor green of 8 rinks and a clubhouse. The clubhouse has seating for many members and visitors alike as well as a fully licensed bar and functions rooms.

In 1925 the local Billiards and Chess Club were destroyed by fire. This coincided with the Bowls Club needing to find themselves a new green, a rather unpromising situation despite which the present club premises came into being.

The history of the club is littered with innovative, inspired, motivated and dedicated members, starting with those who put their money as well as efforts into getting the club pavilion and green up and running all those years ago, right through to the present day.

According to the Shanklin Gazette, Shanklin Bowls Club opened in 1907 at Lower Hyde Farm and close to the railway line. It was opened on Wednesday 15th May by Dr Cowper, the local surgeon; his fascinating speech was recorded by the Isle of Wight County Press.

By July the game had become more popular and the club boasted 70 members. Like most bowls clubs on the Island, the green had only 3 rinks, amazingly play continued through  longer season than today, the green remaining open into early November.

The Shanklin emblem

As incorporated in our new Centenary lapel badge and our blazer badge, this is the coat of arms and seal of authority of the former Shanklin Urban District Council. It was designed by Mr A. Bachelor, an heraldic expert, in 1927 and is made up of the following elements.

The crosses are from the coat of arms of William Fitz-Ozbern, who appointed at the time of the Norman Conquest.

The white rose is taken from the coat of arms of the County of Southampton.

The cross crosslets, set on a maroon background, are the arms of Henry Beauchamp, the first Duke of Warwick. He was crowned King of the Isle of Wight, a title given by Henry VI in the year 1444. He was the first and last King as no further kings were appointed.

He died aged 22 and it is believed he is encrypted along with his father Richard in St Mary’s Church in Warwick.

The New Green - 1997

Whilst rummaging around in his old drawers (no pun intended) John Harden came across a couple of old video camera tapes from 1997.

On close inspection it transpired the tapes captured various stages of our green being relayed during September/October 1997.

The sound quality was very poor but the overall integrity of the tapes was quite good.

The club decided to try and get all the material transferred digitally onto a USB stick.

I am pleased to say the transfer was successful and the film has been uploaded via a link from our website. Just click on the link and hey presto, we are transported back in history. No millennium room extension, past and present members you may or may not recognise, numerous members seemingly copying the “Shakers” or if you prefer “Line Dancing”.

We have edited each tape into smaller segments to ensure you are not overcome with boredom. Each tape is approximately 5-6 minutes in lengths and have been organised into a playlist for you to view at your leisure.

This is a little bit of the clubs history which will be archived for posterity. Have a look and see how many members you can recognise.

old bowls clubP1010984

Our Facilities

8 Rink Green

Indoor Green & Social Area

Refreshments Bar

Food & Function Rooms

How To fIND US

Green & Clubhouse

24 Brook Road


PO37 7LD

Tel: 01983 506520 or information@shanklinbc.co.uk

interested In bowls?

New members welcome!

We have a vibrant and successful club of 140 members, of all ages.

If you think bowling might be the sport for you, and you are interested in joining, any person, any age.

Please email information@shanklinbc.co.uk