Indoor Rules 2023/24 Season




A League and Competitions Sub-committee shall be appointed from the Indoor Committee and shall consist of at least three members.  This League and Competitions Sub-committee shall be empowered to adjudicate on any questions or appeals arising from the conduct of the league competitions, and their decisions shall be final.

  1. Separate Day, Evening and Sunday Triples Leagues shall be organised. The Indoor Committee shall be empowered to limit the number of teams in any league in order to avoid congestion of fixtures.
  2. All teams in the Day and Evening Leagues must register a minimum of five members, four only to play in any match. A match shall consist of 18  ends (subject to rule 7b).  In the Sunday Triples League teams must register a minimum of four members, three only to play in any match.  A match shall consist of 18 ends (subject to rule 7b).  All players shall be fully paid up or honorary members of the Indoor Section.
  3. Each team shall play every other team in its league twice, (or more if otherwise decided by the Competitions Sub-committee). Two points shall be awarded for a win, and one point for a draw.  At the end of the season if two or more teams in any one league finish with equal points, the team with the highest shots difference shall finish in the higher position.
  4. The Match Secretary shall prepare and publish complete fixtures for the season and shall maintain a record of matches played and the results thereof.
  5. Teams must make every effort to fulfil fixtures and avoid postponements, cancellations carry 2 points and 15 shot penalty to the defaulting team. All cancellations must be notified to the Match Secretary asap.
  1. Playing of substitutes:
  2. Two substitutes may be permitted in any team apart from the triples league when only one substitute will be allowed. Substitutes must be fully paid up or honorary members of the Indoor Section.
  3. Any such member may act as substitute twice only for any team in any league and may substitute for more than one team in a season.
  4. Substitutes shall not be permitted to play either three or skip in any league match. In the Triples League a substitute may only play lead.
  5. Not less than two registered members of a team must be included in any team in any match.
  6. A substitute is not permitted to play against the team that they are registered for.
  7. Any team in breach of these rules will forfeit the match to their opponents who will be awarded the two points and a 15 shot win.
  1. Timings:
  2. Games must commence at the allotted time i.e.   Day League 10am – 1.30pm Evening League 7.30pm

            Sunday Triples 10.00 & 1.30pm or 5pm where necessary (Times were amended on 22/10/23 due to confusion with the book)

  1. If there are consecutive games the above times must be adhered to. The game must be concluded at the appropriate time and the score at that time will stand as the final result.

If a member of a team is late for the start of a match the remaining three members of the team will start by playing a triple.  If after 4 ends the fourth member has not arrived, the game must

  1. continue as a triple and that team will have the usual 25% deducted. If the fourth player arrives after the start of the fifth end they will not be allowed to play any part in that match.
  2. Full match fees for every team must be paid irrespective of the number actually playing. If a member of a team fails to turn up for a match without giving due notice, they will be responsible for payment of their own match fees.


  • If during the course of a game the Jack is displaced by a bowl, it shall remain in the position in which it comes to rest, provided that it is either in the ditch or still on carpet
  • If the Jack comes to rest in any part of the ditch area and a following bowl comes to rest on that Jack, it will not count unless it was a previous toucher already on the green during that end.
  • If the Jack comes to rest outside the Carpet, it will need to be re-spotted on the back dot nearest the ditch line as there is No Dead End,


  • If the jack goes into the ditch before going out the side, it should be put where it first entered the ditch centrally.
  • Any Bowl going off the carpet is deemed a dead bowl and is removed from the game.
  • A non-touching bowl which rests, or hits a live bowl or Jack in the ditch will be deemed a dead bowl and must be removed. If displaced by a non-touching bowl, the Jack and other bowls must be replaced to their original positions in the ditch.
  • We must stress that when firing a bowl you must announce this first as we do not have any barriers and thus avoid injury to players. I think common curtesy must prevail.



  • No drinks or food to be taken onto the carpet.
  • No walking from end to end on the carpet.
  • Down the long side of the carpet, (between carpet & floor), if a bowl rests on the side and does not go fully off, it’s still classed as in.
  • The white tape is used for the start of the ditch, if the bowl when it comes to rest is touching the tape, it’s OUT.
  • If a toucher goes over/on the white line it’s classed as a live bowl and is still in play.
  • If any bowl hits the jack and then hits the back cushion rope and comes back on green, it must be placed as near as possible where it hit the rope, if it never hit the jack it’s removed.



  • It should be noted that under the practice customary in the indoor section of using only one score card, it is the joint responsibility of both competing teams to ensure that the score is accurately recorded after each end.
  • Signed scorecards by both skips should be placed in the appropriate boxes located on the exit doors prior to leaving.
  • One point may be deducted from each team if the score card is not completed correctly.


  1. Closing dates for all rounds of the competitions shall be fixed by the League and Competitions Sub-committee and shall be strictly adhered to.
  1. For the open pairs, graded pairs & novice pairs competitions a draw shall be made by the Sub-committee. The first combination drawn in any pairing shall be deemed to be the Challengers.

Open pairs – choose your own partner.        

Graded pairs – drawn by the Sub-committee.

Novice pairs – drawn by the Sub-committee.

      At least seven days before the closing date of any round, the Challengers shall offer their  opponents the choice of two dates, due regard being given to the availability of the opponents on those dates.  Failure of the opponents to accept one of the fairly chosen challenge dates may cause them to forfeit the game.  If the challenge is disputed for any reason, both teams may appeal to the Sub-committee for a ruling.)

  1. A substitute may be employed when necessary in any competition match, but the substitute must be such as would prove acceptable to the Sub-committee and must not have previously played, nor may they subsequently play for any other pair in that competition in the same season. Substitutes may play lead position only.  Approval of the use of a substitute should be sought of the Sub-committee prior to the match being played.
  1. In the finals of the open pairs, graded pairs & novice pairs, grey shall be worn with white tops. Umpires shall be appointed by the Competitions Sub-committee.
  1. Any disputes concerning the competitions should be referred to the Indoor Committee whose decision shall be final.




    Player Number 1

    They start of the play by positioning the mat. During the game both teams number ones make the tea and then wash up after 10 ends.

    Player Number 2

    The home team player does the score card and the away team player does the board.

    Player Number 3

    They are in charge of measuring and agreeing together the score before all bowls are moved away.

    No other players should interfere with this, if a score can’t be agreed then you ask your skips to assist, not other players.


    At start of game he is in charge of collecting the money, doing envelope and scorecards. If home skip they also act as a fire warden.

    At start of each end the skip will place the jack in required position


    (Full list is on outdoor rule section)

    • Greet and shake hands with team members and opponents at the start of the game and shake hands, congratulate or compliment them at the end of play.
    • Stand still when a player is on the mat and be ready to bowl when it is your turn.
    • Do not stand on or around the mat until it’s your turn to bowl.
    • Always remember that, as soon as your bowl has come to rest, possession of the rink passes to your opponent and you should not communicate with your skip until you have regained possession of the mat.
    • Don’t become a wanderer and distract other bowlers.
    • Stand AWAY from the head when it’s not your turn, especially when there is measuring going on.
    • Always help to clear the bowls.
    • Encourage and praise your team. Always appear to be enjoying the game and remember it’s a team game.
    • Compliment your opponent on a good shot.
    • Admit a fluke with grace.
    • Be a gracious winner and a good loser.